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UK’s official national awareness week and the biggest net zero conference

About The Event

Net Zero Week is ultimately about people and actions. People with a global perspective, national policy makers, business owners, energy and sustainability professionals, asset owners, technologists, investors, regional leaders, academics… and so many more. It is people who matter, who make changes, who invest, who make plans, who inspire, who solve big problems, who collaborate. Net Zero Week brings all interested parties together. We connect experts with those looking for insights. We are about people.


“Net zero provides the greatest opportunity of our lifetime to enhance our energy transition in a way which will secure a warmer and brighter future. We simply do not have the time to waste and must seize the opportunities of net zero to avoid the challenges others will face for being not zero. Our environment and our future depend on our actions now and Net Zero Week is the perfect way to highlight these opportunities.” Rt Hon Chris Skidmore OBE.


“Climate change is the single greatest challenge facing mankind. The UK is leading the world in rising to this challenge and can take pride in being a nation that is not just showing ambition but one which holds a record to match. We all have a stake in this and I applaud the efforts of individuals, organisations and initiatives like Net Zero Week in highlighting the importance of this vital work.” Rt Hon Greg Clark MP.

What Else We Do

Binary Carbon is a digital only media organisation. We organise Net Zero Week held each July, Decarbonising Transport Week held each March, and we are the publisher of Climate Perspectives the ‘thought-leadership only’ climate magazine. Everything we do is focused on helping all stakeholders unlock the benefits of reaching net zero.


Climate Perspectives


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